DeLonghi EC270 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Machine Review

The DeLonghi EC270 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Machine, Black, and Stainless is an espresso maker intended for people looking to brew high-quality caffeinated beverages in their home.

The device comes with an adjustable frother for the creation of espresso-based drinks. It has a self-start mode, illuminated panels, easy-to-use controls, and several adjustment options that make brewing your espresso-based beverages a breeze. Here is complete DeLonghi EC270 Review by Go Kitchen Gadgets:

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This small, yet powerful, espresso machine has 15 bars of pressure and a patented crema filter that produces perfect, thick, luxurious cream on every single cup of espresso brewed. Those who have purchased this espresso machine have been nothing but satisfied because it does exactly what they needed it to do. I bet you are wondering exactly what it can do for you, though, Read on!

Just put the DeLonghi EC270 espresso machine will allow you, the average, consumer to create cafe-style and quality beverages in the comfort of your own home quickly, cheaply and efficiently. The machine has been crafted to put the experience of coffee-making in the user’s hands with plenty of backup measures that ensure the device is pretty much foolproof.

You will easily be able to impress your friends, family or just !yourself with great coffeehouse quality beverages right in your kitchen and that’s a great thing to have in life.

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The DeLonghi EC270 comes with several options for serving your beverages. The device can take pods or ground coffee; your choice entirely. Pods are best used by people who don’t want to be bothered with measuring out coffee and espresso. The ground section is better suited for those who like to experiment with beverage strengths and flavors. Both can be achieved on this machine.

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The machine takes to ground beans and canned versions of espresso perfectly well, but many find that a thicker grind works better for producing stronger coffees. The pods allow owners to take the guesswork out of measuring and grind texture if it appears to be too much trouble, though.It also comes with a self-start feature that allows the machine to start up and brew quickly.

You can have your espresso beverage in less time than it takes to make a piece of toast in the morning. It is a true time saver for people bogged down by long and winding commutes to work, school or activities. It will also cost you mere pennies on the dollar to brew a cup with this espresso machine. Most people spend over $1000 on coffeehouse beverages each year. This device will save you that $1000 in its first year!

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The DeLonghi EC270 also comes equipped with an adjustable frother that will allow you to create the perfect amount of milk froth for all those fancy coffee beverages. You’ll be able to produce the perfect latte or cappuccino with as much or as little foam as your heart desires.

The customization options are endless here. From the removable water tank to the multiple brew settings this machine lets you pick exactly what you want, and it produces it right every time; that’s a much better average than the local coffeehouse offers. The cleanup of this machine is easy too. Many previous espresso makers required pretty hard clean-ups, but not this espresso machine. The drip tray, water tank and filter trays all come out and are dishwasher safe.

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You can also slip your coffee mug right under the dripper to get your coffee sans dirtying any carafe. The options are endless here. The footprint of the DeLonghi EC270 is also fairly small and will fit nicely on just about any counter. Consumers needn’t worry about the machine hogging up a large portion of the counter with this device. It can also easily be stored under the counter or in a pantry if you don’t want it out on a regular basis. But frankly, most people tend to use it daily.

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“This is a great machine. It looks deceptively small in the picture, but once you see it, in reality, the size is very nice. It is just large enough to fit a nice sized cappuccino cup not rely only on tiny espresso cups. The machine runs very smoothly, and the frother is powerful sufficient to make a very decent foam, quickly making three times the original volume of the milk in the pitcher.” – From

“I have now had this Espresso maker for almost two years, and it is still going strong. The coffee quality is still excellent. I use the machine daily and descale about once every six weeks or so. I still love the coffee that this machine makes. This coffee is so good – much better than any coffee house can make. I’d buy another of these machines if this one died. It is easy to use, foolproof, and makes fantastic coffee.” – From

Now that you know the DeLonghi EC270 is a great device that makes an excellent cup of coffee and a top-notch shot of espresso. It is time to saunter over to a store and pick one up, take the device home, get acquainted with one another. Let the magic of espresso, cappuccino, lattes, and coffee happen in your very own home.

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The idea of making your own “barista-only” drinks is just a small purchase away. You should get going and join the hordes of consumers who could not be happier with their DeLonghi EC270 15-Bar-Pump Espresso Machine.

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