Essential Items You Must Have in Your Kitchen

While you shift to your new house or renovate your kitchen, you will definitely need some of the essential kitchen equipment for your cooking purpose. The kitchen essentials checklist must essentially include every basic cooking item to serve the purpose of your cooking task.

Some of the essential checklist items are:


 A set of cutlery:

You can purchase a set of cutlery for your kitchen to perform some of the major pre-cooking tasks.

 Types of knives:

 Chefâs or a santoku knife:


You can select the knife size that is comfortable for your hands to handle it. It might vary from six to eight inches which is a popular trend in the market. Santoku or chef’s knife is also called Japanese style knife that can be used to chop vegetables, cut meat, fish, mince herbs and garlic and many other cutting and chopping tasks.

Paring knife:

This knife is about two to 4 inches in length and can be used for smaller slicing and mincing tasks.

Serrated knife:

It is eight to ten inches in size and can be utilized for slicing meats, fruits, and vegetables.

Kitchen shears:

A contemporary style of scissor is often accompanied with features of a bottle opener or a nut cracker. You can use shears for cutting fresh food packs, snipping strings, herbs, cutting open food packages, trimming of a chicken or meat fat or pizza into varied slices.

 Cooking utensils:

Purchase cooking apparatus that have a unique style, appeal, and durability. The most durable and lasting material is an uncoated but a stainless steel product.

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A nonstick utensil:

A nonstick apparatus is used for making eggs and fried items without consuming any good quantity of oil. They are oven safe to use it for frittatas and tarte tatins. A common size is a 10-inch diameter and a seasoned cast iron cookware. Besides this, there is a quart saucepan that is available with a lid to prepare soups and sauces.

Large pot:

A lidded pot is used for boiling potatoes, pasta or making stocks, stews or braising chicken, fish and meats.

 Board for cutting:

The most common size in boards is about three inches wide than your big and large knife so as to serve all your larger chopping needs. A bamboo, wood or epicurean style of cutting board is far more sturdy yet a lightweight product and dish-washing safe too.


A set of bamboo, wooden or silicone spoons can be used for scooping or stirring food items while eating.

A spatula:

Buy a silicone, rubber or Metal offset heatproof spatula for scraping sides of food jars and bowls and flipping cake or baking sheets while cooking.


This can be used for scooping liquid and measuring portions, ingredients on the rough basis.



The locking tongs are made from metal material. They are handy enough to lift some hot food items or tossing and turning foods made on grill, stoves or pans. These tongs can also be used to lift the box from a higher level shelf.

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